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Good Night!

February 2, 2010

The woods are no more dark or deep…
I’ve no more promises to keep…
And now it’s time I went to sleep…
And now it’s time I went to sleep!

My New Year companions

January 5, 2010

I had apprehensions and curiosity about what I would be doing on the 1st of Jan, 2010. As the day approached, it was almost sure that I’m not gonna have a very easy day to start the year with. At 2 AM on 1st Jan 2010, I was in a queue, 10th in sequence, waiting to get a Tatkal ticket booked to return to Bangalore. Thanks to Sabarimala season and year-end, there were no tickets available for bus or train to return. Hence the story.

Above you can find a few people waiting ahead of me for their tickets. And what more, all of them were agents waiting to get tickets for some other people at a cost of Rs.250 commission per ticket.

There is a law that clearly states that a person cannot avail more than one Tatkal ticket. But all those laws were flown in air as each of them you see in the photograph (including the ones sleeping on the floor) booked a minimum of 3 tickets – and most of them to Bangalore! 😦

I finally managed to get a ticket to Yesvantpur – W/L 1 and W/L 2. This got confirmed within 2 hours of booking – Thank God!

How many of you had similar ‘exciting’ start to the year ahead? 🙂

Signing Off…

2010 – Spare a thought… Start with a prayer!

December 31, 2009

And here comes yet another day… just another day. A day that supposedly marks the begenning of another year. A day that some consider so very special because it is the end of all joys and sorrows of the last 365 days. And it’s nothing beyond just another day… and yet it is a day of complete joy… complete expense… complete unconciousness…

Spare a thought… spare a thought for those who are without… those who don’t know the difference between 31st December and 1st Jan.. A thought for those who havent seen good food for like ages… for those who are unable to move… unable to think… unable to see or hear!

Spare a thought for those who laid their lives fighting the evils coming from across the borders… Spare a thought for those families who lost their dear ones who tried to get others to live…

Spare a thought for those unfortunate children who were left alone immediately after birth… those who have been kidnapped and have been left handicapped and begging for no sin of theirs…

Yes, it’s a new sun rise… 1st of Jan always marks begenning of a bunch of new hopes, new expectations… New – a word that doesn’t really mean good… New, my friends can be new joys or new sorrows…

Finally spare a thought for yourself – you have reached where you are right now… Look at the long way ahead! Rainy days are awaiting us… This day let it no be a day to enjoy… let it not be a day to spend… Instead let it be a day to pray… Prayers to save the world from NEW troubles… Prayers to get good sense into people who lack them… so that 2010 witnesses lesser of the in-human things compared to the previous 365 days!

Wish you all a very pleasant, safe and successful 2010!

Signing Off…

My final post for the year… Thank you friends :)

December 25, 2009

Looking back at the days, weeks and months that’s gone by in the year 2009, I really can’t figure out whether it was a good one or a bad one. So many incidents as usual but what has been unusual is that Im left with zero emotions. It has been a pretty busy year with loads of travelling and stuff but to be able to stand up and say “These are what I earned and these are what I learned” – I guess I have none! NONE whatsoever!

My friends are busy making plans for New Year. Some are planning surprises for their family members, others are holidaying abroad, a few others busy shopping and setting up a wonderla within home… And again, this is where Im different. I managed to get a couple of tickets for me and my better half to go to Kerala. While she would be spending some time with her and my parents, I guess I would still be caught deep inside deployments and promotions at Cochin! Yes Im gonna be tied up…

A lot of my blogging friends are now more my chat friends – they do remember me but not my blog 🙂 . But yeah unlike my previous attempts, I wanna keep writing as much as possible. Minimum, it will help me not forget English 😀

As the year comes to an end, I must thank each of you for having visited this blog, for having read the crap and for having commented. It’s kept me going a lot.

I owe a special thanks to Vimmuuu, for Im sure I wouldn’t have got in touch with a lot of you if I hadn’t ‘Stolen’ some of you guys from his blog 😉 .

It couldn’t have got any better than having met Pixie, Hitchy and a couple of days back, Harish @ Mumbai. The failure of course has been not being able to meet Crafty despite my 3 visits to Mumbai – thanks to her hectic schedule at work.

My attempt in the coming year would be get my blog a little more focussed to be able to write something more worthwhile and I only pray that I’m able to make it possible. And ofcourse I also want to be able to visit, read and comment on your posts more regularly and frequently. I may even dedicate 2 days a week only for this purpose. I hope I pass this resolution on 1st Jan with success 🙂

Finally – Merry X’mas and a wonderful, prosperous, exciting and a very successful 2010! ROCK ON! 🙂

Signing Off…

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani!

December 23, 2009

Don’t forget to read the Hindi translation of an old popular English proverb…
Clicked at KR Puram Railway Station!


This happens only in India!

December 18, 2009


Signing Off…

My T10 Brands

December 16, 2009

A zillion brands… A zillion zillion products! We are in an era where we have so many choices in life that we find it difficult to narrow down on to what we want. The market has infact confused us big time, hasn’t it?

Sometimes just for the heck of it, we tend to try out new things and realize that it is in no way matching our expectations or previous experiences. I thought I should share with you Top 10 (T10) things, rather brands, I use!

Cafe Coffee Day: Vimmuuu is one of the 2 sinners in spoiling me here. I was never exposed to this chocolate mine before they took me there and have ever since been a big fan of CCD. I just love the Choc-a-vlocs and sizzling brownies there and I can consume a lot of it in one shot. It was one of these days I found this new Kuppa Coffee in BTM layout 2nd stage. So one fine evening, I barged in there with my wife to check the food there. We got out loudly pledging ‘Never again!’. The food was as pathetic as it can be, smelt old and was very expensive and gave zero satisfaction. CCD ki Jai!

Reliance Fresh: We used to buy the daily grocceries from this small shop owned and run by a few mallu near our room. We were under the myth that this being a small shop when compared to the food worlds and Reliance fresh, it would be much cheaper. It was mere co-incidence that once we decided to try out Reliance Fresh. We figured out the prices were actually Rs.3 to Rs.4 lower here when compared to what we were sold in the smaller shop. No major difference in the quality either. And what more, complete freedom to choose your product at your required quantity. Have been a loyal customer of Reliance Fresh ever since!

Reebok: Usually footwear don’t last with me. It’s been pretty surprising that my Reebok trekking shoes I bought about 5 years back is still fit and fine with me. During this period a lot of other shoes and chappels have come in and gone out of my footwear rack. This guy Reebok has been the ever consistent… Not even a lace change so far!

Nokia: Ease of use and a massive amount of free compatible utility software available around makes Nokia my most preferred mobile brand. Though I have admired the music quality of Sony Erricsson or the designs of Samsung, when it comes to usability, I have never been able to look beyong Nokia! And specially my Nokia N73 😀

Marie Gold: My diet breakfast. Has been keeping me reasonably healthy for pretty long time now. It’s all fibre and protein and is even suggested by dietitians. It’s reasonably sweet and this thing dipped in a hot cappuccino is a great combo 😀

BSNL Broadband: It’s a government organization, they bribe, things don’t move, service is bad…. I still love their broadband product. I have personally found it cheap and reliable. This is my second stint with BSNL (first was when I was in Chennai and I guess Vimmuuu still continue to use it) and I have not faced any problem so far with their connection. I have used Airtel too but they are expensive though their service is unbeatable. TATA Indicom is the worst ever!!!

Samsung: My color television to refrigirator to washing machine to oven – all of them are Samsung brand. I find it good value for money and it tends to last long while giving pretty decent performance over the years!

Kwality Walls: My all time favorite when it comes to ice creams! Somehow, the others haven’t impressed me much.

Bounty: The chocolate that I love most and my better half hates most. I have always been a fan of coconut+Sugar combo and imagine chocolate layer on top of that. It looks tailor made for me 🙂

The MobileStore: When it comes to buying very good quality mobile phones at affordable price, there is no better place than TMS! They have over 1400 retail outlets around India. Univercell is useless and provide China made stuff. I don’t really know how trust-worthy the other small mobile phone sellers are!

You preferences any similar?? You agree / disagree with me? Comment it out! 🙂

And haan, it’s been a while I know so will surely visit your blogs and comment in another 2-3 days time 🙂

Signing Off…