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Good Night!

February 2, 2010

The woods are no more dark or deep…
I’ve no more promises to keep…
And now it’s time I went to sleep…
And now it’s time I went to sleep!

My New Year companions

January 5, 2010

I had apprehensions and curiosity about what I would be doing on the 1st of Jan, 2010. As the day approached, it was almost sure that I’m not gonna have a very easy day to start the year with. At 2 AM on 1st Jan 2010, I was in a queue, 10th in sequence, waiting to get a Tatkal ticket booked to return to Bangalore. Thanks to Sabarimala season and year-end, there were no tickets available for bus or train to return. Hence the story.

Above you can find a few people waiting ahead of me for their tickets. And what more, all of them were agents waiting to get tickets for some other people at a cost of Rs.250 commission per ticket.

There is a law that clearly states that a person cannot avail more than one Tatkal ticket. But all those laws were flown in air as each of them you see in the photograph (including the ones sleeping on the floor) booked a minimum of 3 tickets – and most of them to Bangalore! 😦

I finally managed to get a ticket to Yesvantpur – W/L 1 and W/L 2. This got confirmed within 2 hours of booking – Thank God!

How many of you had similar ‘exciting’ start to the year ahead? 🙂

Signing Off…

2010 – Spare a thought… Start with a prayer!

December 31, 2009

And here comes yet another day… just another day. A day that supposedly marks the begenning of another year. A day that some consider so very special because it is the end of all joys and sorrows of the last 365 days. And it’s nothing beyond just another day… and yet it is a day of complete joy… complete expense… complete unconciousness…

Spare a thought… spare a thought for those who are without… those who don’t know the difference between 31st December and 1st Jan.. A thought for those who havent seen good food for like ages… for those who are unable to move… unable to think… unable to see or hear!

Spare a thought for those who laid their lives fighting the evils coming from across the borders… Spare a thought for those families who lost their dear ones who tried to get others to live…

Spare a thought for those unfortunate children who were left alone immediately after birth… those who have been kidnapped and have been left handicapped and begging for no sin of theirs…

Yes, it’s a new sun rise… 1st of Jan always marks begenning of a bunch of new hopes, new expectations… New – a word that doesn’t really mean good… New, my friends can be new joys or new sorrows…

Finally spare a thought for yourself – you have reached where you are right now… Look at the long way ahead! Rainy days are awaiting us… This day let it no be a day to enjoy… let it not be a day to spend… Instead let it be a day to pray… Prayers to save the world from NEW troubles… Prayers to get good sense into people who lack them… so that 2010 witnesses lesser of the in-human things compared to the previous 365 days!

Wish you all a very pleasant, safe and successful 2010!

Signing Off…

My final post for the year… Thank you friends :)

December 25, 2009

Looking back at the days, weeks and months that’s gone by in the year 2009, I really can’t figure out whether it was a good one or a bad one. So many incidents as usual but what has been unusual is that Im left with zero emotions. It has been a pretty busy year with loads of travelling and stuff but to be able to stand up and say “These are what I earned and these are what I learned” – I guess I have none! NONE whatsoever!

My friends are busy making plans for New Year. Some are planning surprises for their family members, others are holidaying abroad, a few others busy shopping and setting up a wonderla within home… And again, this is where Im different. I managed to get a couple of tickets for me and my better half to go to Kerala. While she would be spending some time with her and my parents, I guess I would still be caught deep inside deployments and promotions at Cochin! Yes Im gonna be tied up…

A lot of my blogging friends are now more my chat friends – they do remember me but not my blog 🙂 . But yeah unlike my previous attempts, I wanna keep writing as much as possible. Minimum, it will help me not forget English 😀

As the year comes to an end, I must thank each of you for having visited this blog, for having read the crap and for having commented. It’s kept me going a lot.

I owe a special thanks to Vimmuuu, for Im sure I wouldn’t have got in touch with a lot of you if I hadn’t ‘Stolen’ some of you guys from his blog 😉 .

It couldn’t have got any better than having met Pixie, Hitchy and a couple of days back, Harish @ Mumbai. The failure of course has been not being able to meet Crafty despite my 3 visits to Mumbai – thanks to her hectic schedule at work.

My attempt in the coming year would be get my blog a little more focussed to be able to write something more worthwhile and I only pray that I’m able to make it possible. And ofcourse I also want to be able to visit, read and comment on your posts more regularly and frequently. I may even dedicate 2 days a week only for this purpose. I hope I pass this resolution on 1st Jan with success 🙂

Finally – Merry X’mas and a wonderful, prosperous, exciting and a very successful 2010! ROCK ON! 🙂

Signing Off…

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani!

December 23, 2009

Don’t forget to read the Hindi translation of an old popular English proverb…
Clicked at KR Puram Railway Station!


This happens only in India!

December 18, 2009


Signing Off…

My T10 Brands

December 16, 2009

A zillion brands… A zillion zillion products! We are in an era where we have so many choices in life that we find it difficult to narrow down on to what we want. The market has infact confused us big time, hasn’t it?

Sometimes just for the heck of it, we tend to try out new things and realize that it is in no way matching our expectations or previous experiences. I thought I should share with you Top 10 (T10) things, rather brands, I use!

Cafe Coffee Day: Vimmuuu is one of the 2 sinners in spoiling me here. I was never exposed to this chocolate mine before they took me there and have ever since been a big fan of CCD. I just love the Choc-a-vlocs and sizzling brownies there and I can consume a lot of it in one shot. It was one of these days I found this new Kuppa Coffee in BTM layout 2nd stage. So one fine evening, I barged in there with my wife to check the food there. We got out loudly pledging ‘Never again!’. The food was as pathetic as it can be, smelt old and was very expensive and gave zero satisfaction. CCD ki Jai!

Reliance Fresh: We used to buy the daily grocceries from this small shop owned and run by a few mallu near our room. We were under the myth that this being a small shop when compared to the food worlds and Reliance fresh, it would be much cheaper. It was mere co-incidence that once we decided to try out Reliance Fresh. We figured out the prices were actually Rs.3 to Rs.4 lower here when compared to what we were sold in the smaller shop. No major difference in the quality either. And what more, complete freedom to choose your product at your required quantity. Have been a loyal customer of Reliance Fresh ever since!

Reebok: Usually footwear don’t last with me. It’s been pretty surprising that my Reebok trekking shoes I bought about 5 years back is still fit and fine with me. During this period a lot of other shoes and chappels have come in and gone out of my footwear rack. This guy Reebok has been the ever consistent… Not even a lace change so far!

Nokia: Ease of use and a massive amount of free compatible utility software available around makes Nokia my most preferred mobile brand. Though I have admired the music quality of Sony Erricsson or the designs of Samsung, when it comes to usability, I have never been able to look beyong Nokia! And specially my Nokia N73 😀

Marie Gold: My diet breakfast. Has been keeping me reasonably healthy for pretty long time now. It’s all fibre and protein and is even suggested by dietitians. It’s reasonably sweet and this thing dipped in a hot cappuccino is a great combo 😀

BSNL Broadband: It’s a government organization, they bribe, things don’t move, service is bad…. I still love their broadband product. I have personally found it cheap and reliable. This is my second stint with BSNL (first was when I was in Chennai and I guess Vimmuuu still continue to use it) and I have not faced any problem so far with their connection. I have used Airtel too but they are expensive though their service is unbeatable. TATA Indicom is the worst ever!!!

Samsung: My color television to refrigirator to washing machine to oven – all of them are Samsung brand. I find it good value for money and it tends to last long while giving pretty decent performance over the years!

Kwality Walls: My all time favorite when it comes to ice creams! Somehow, the others haven’t impressed me much.

Bounty: The chocolate that I love most and my better half hates most. I have always been a fan of coconut+Sugar combo and imagine chocolate layer on top of that. It looks tailor made for me 🙂

The MobileStore: When it comes to buying very good quality mobile phones at affordable price, there is no better place than TMS! They have over 1400 retail outlets around India. Univercell is useless and provide China made stuff. I don’t really know how trust-worthy the other small mobile phone sellers are!

You preferences any similar?? You agree / disagree with me? Comment it out! 🙂

And haan, it’s been a while I know so will surely visit your blogs and comment in another 2-3 days time 🙂

Signing Off…

A journey into the wild!

November 30, 2009

Over the last weekend, we had been to a small wildlife resort by name ‘Cicada’ located within the heart of Bandipur forest. It was an ad hoc plan and thanks to my bro, he put it up pretty fast and pretty neat. We started at around noon time on saturday and reached the resort by around 5:30 PM. The first thing we could notice around was the fresh, unpolluted air followed by the pleasant silence around! It was freaking cold but altogether the atmosphere made us feel very very nice.

At 7:30 PM was a small film session arranged – a small session on wildlife. Since I have had an overdose of these on National Geographic, Animal Planet etc, I didn’t feel quite excited about it. Nevertheless, I accompanied my dad, bro and my wife to the room where it was arranged.

There were 2 videos, one of which was concentrated on the life of a Tiger. By the end of the video session, I must say, I was eagerly looking forward to the safari next morning!

The Video narrated a story of a Tigress named ‘Lakshmi’ and it’s 3 cubs in the Kanha forest. Here are a few very interesting and surprising facts about the life of a Tiger!

Inside the forest, the male tigers rule individual territories. This means along the length and width of a particular territory, only one male Tiger will exist. However, there can be multiple female tigers. This male Tiger can mate with the female tigers in that territory but does not have a big hand in bringing up the cubs. Protecting and bringing up the cubs is the duty of the Tigress. And from the birth of a cub till it’s 2 years, the Tigress makes a lot of sacrifices in order to feed, teach and bring up the cub.

The Tigress is a very elusive creature. She ensures Pin Drop Silence while moving around. The cubs feed on the mother’s milk till it’s about 4 or 5 months old. And by the time the tigress realizes that the cubs are ready to eat meat, it puts in that extra effort and time required to make many kills to feed self as well as the cubs.

Deers are the most available and most favorite food of Tigress. Usually the deers appear in packs mostly near areas where Grass and water are in plenty. Langur are known as the eyes of the forest. They are the ones who alert other animals of the danger that’s approaching them. The case is the same even with respect to Tiger. The moment langur see the tiger approaching the deers, they making a particular noise to alert the deers, who get the message and run.

Sometimes, either because of lack of any langur around or probably because the tigress is too elusive even for the langur, one of the deers from the pack quickly forms breakfast, lunch or dinner for the tigress. The kill is very scientific in nature. The powerful jaws and sharp teeth of the Tigress clutches the neck of the deer, strangles and breaks the bone there to kill it. It then drags the meat to a secret place. Upon reaching the place, after ensuring that there is no danger around, the tigress calls the cubs to come out to have their food.

The tigress does not spoon feed the cubs on how to tear the skin to eat the meat. The cubs are expected to learn these on their own. While this is in process, the tigress keeps watch to avoid any approaching danger.

Not many a times do you see the father of the cubs meeting these cubs or the tigress. And when this happens, it doesn’t last long either.

A big fight is on cards if in case another male tiger from a different territory comes in. Then it is the fight for existence. A fierce fight is what follows. If there is no winner, the foreign tiger goes back to ensure that the wounds are healed while the native Tiger also spends time to heal the wounds. If the foreign tiger wins, then the territory belongs to him. In case the native Tiger wins, then he gets to keep his territory. Victory is nothing less that the death of one of the Tigers!

If it’s the foreign Tiger that comes victorious, the first thing it does is kill any Tiger cubs around. And that is not an easy job either, for there is the always-protective Tigress to give the Tiger another fight. The Tigress tries it’s best to hide its cubs from any potential danger and often goes out alone on hunting for food. Once the cubs are 2 years old, then it’s time for them to go and find their own living. The female cub is given a part of the territory owned by the mother tigress to make a living. But the male tigers are not allowed to be within the limits of the territory anymore. Now again, this is not only to enable them to live on their own but also to avoid any interbreeding. For the Tigers, after a specific point in time, don’t recognize their siblings. Only the mothe tigress can prevent any such casualties!

Sometimes, the mother tigress may get so heavily wounded after a fight with the foreign tiger that it knows it cannot win over the Tiger any more and protect its territory. So it flees to some other place where it may live for some more time and then die.

Sunday morning 5:30 and we were all set to go for the safari. We started at sharp 6 and in short time, we entered into the wild land! We got to see some wild hens, a beautiful peacock, a few other flying birds that’s not usually seen outside the forest and then… we couldn’t believe our luck. We saw the TIGRESS! And it’s 4 cubs!

Luckily, the naturalist who came with us saw these crossing the road and the driver quickly switched off the engine. We waited near the bush into which the Tigress and the cubs had gone hidden. After a few efforts with the binoculars, we finally saw the angry, disturbed tigress looking straight at us from within the bushes. It looked Majestic, as if to say ‘Im ready for anything. Come and fight if you have the will to’. It stood like a statue for a few minutes and then started pushing the cubs one by one further into the interiors for the bushes. We were so very surprised at that fact that at this young age (probably 3 or 4 months old) the cubs had mastered the art of being elusive. Each cub moved ahead without a bit of sound. And not even the langur around spotted them! All this while, the Tigress stood there giving cover to the cubs and inspecting our movements. FInally after all the cubs were done, the Tigress followed to invisibility!

“You guys are really lucky’ opined the naturalist. My bro repeated the same for about a dozen times in 10 seconds!

“That is the largest Tigress within the tourism zone in Bandipur” Explained the naturalist. “She has four cubs. The father of these cubs moves around in the other end of the forest. There are about 3 or 4 Tigress within this tourism zone and just that one single Tiger”. We listened with excitement and patience. “There are leopards also in this forest. Usually its the leopards and Wild dogs who post danger for the cubs. The leopard is a lazy guy who sits on top of a tree and watches the show. It doesn’t put as much effort as a Tiger does in hunting. But when there is something close enough, it kills the prey and takes it to the top of a tree. Wild Dogs on the other hand hunts in packs. There are about 13 or 14 packs of Wild dogs in this forest. They usually don’t hunt in the same area every time. They usually plan, surrounds the Prey and kills it. A Single Tiger cannot take on the pack of Wild Dogs. But it can definitely take on a couple of Wild dogs pretty easily. sometimes the Tiger kills a Wild dog and leaves the meat there it as if to warn the other members of the pack from entering further into it’s area!”

It was sounding more and more amusing for us. All this while, we also kept our eyes and ears around so as to avoid missing anything interesting.

The jeep suddenly stopped and we heard Trumpets. There was a family of elephants – a few elders and a few kids – having their share of breakfast – the lush green grass and tree leaves. Upon hearing the noise of our Jeep, the kids disappeared into the bushes while the elders pretended to charge at us. “It’s showing off. Don’t worry. It’s actually trying to scare you” the naturalist seemed to know it all. The eldest of the elephants in fact plucked a huge piece of mud with its feet and poured the dust on to itself trumpeting. This was all, indeed, a part of trying to tell us ‘Don’t come near me. I can be very nasty’.

“When an elephant charges at you, don’t run. Once it reaches close to you, the visuals get blurred for him. It just trumpets and goes away confused not knowing what else to do. ” said the Naturalist! “Similar to the Tigers, the elephants also push the small male ones off the herd once they are 2 years old. The decision is taken by the leader of the herd – usually the oldest female amongst the lot”

We finally left the elephants alone and drove on and down the lane saw a few huge wild boars.

“Each weighs around a ton” I recollected from what I heard from the video last night. The Bull looked to weigh double the females. But generally the boars are very shy in nature and tend to hide the moment they see some humans around. They all did the same here as well! “Only a male Tiger can take on a Bull” said the naturalist as we drove on.

“This forest has about 79 different types of snakes, the Indian Python being the most cited one because of its size” the naturalist was answering to one of my queries. “There are no Lions here whatsoever but there are leopards”. We weren’t lucky enough to see any though.

And suddenly we saw a small pack of wild dogs crossing the road slightly far from where we were. They ran quickly and disappeared and hence we couldn’t get a good glance of them. “They are here means by tomorrow morning we can expect one of the deers or langur to be killed” stated the naturalist.

The deers were in plenty. “That’s the leader of this herd” the naturalist told us pointing to one of them sitting and munching the grass looking at us. “Only the leader is allowed to mate with the female deers though there may be other male deers in the herd”

As we drove back, we all were again looking around to see only one thing – The Tigress! If possible, the cubs also. “A few months back it was recorded that the Tigress and the cubs were seen along with the father Tiger. It’s a very very rare thing that happens in the forest” the naturalist told us as we drove back to the resort. It was already 9 AM by then!

Signing Off…

1997 – A love story

November 18, 2009

I stood at the veranda of Maharajas College (Cochin) clueless what to do… All the other 8 guys from my PG were so bloody busy engaging with chics around and I lacked the intensity, and more importantly, the guts to go and introduce myself to a stranger good-looking girl. I stood there observing the ‘behavioural patterns’ of these guys with great attention hoping to grow up like them sometime in life. But that was the best I could do then.

So it was State Youth Festival time. Maharajas, St.Therasas and St.Alberts were a few colleges chosen to host the programs. I was fresh from the thrill of seeing Mr.Arvind Swamy (yeah the forgotten good-looking film actor) and had decided to hang around with my PG mates.

Flashback – 23 minutes back
As we cruised into the college through the main gate, my driver Babu (well he owned the bike and I had no business driving it!) applied a sudden break! It was in some sense a wake up call for me – me who had already gone into dreamland seeing some of the most beautiful girls around dressed to the occasion. I got irritated but manage to swallow my words for the fear of being left alone there. As I looked ahead of his helmet, I saw a 5’3″ ft fair, good-looking girl standing there with a sigh of relief that the bike didnt manage to carry her back to where she had come from. I guess that explains the sudden break!

First look and I knew I had to talk to her. And alas – that was all I knew, I didn’t know when or how to! She along with her 3-4 friends walked past me and I kept staring like a shameless pig!

Back to Present!
Babu, who owned a fashion store in Menaka, took notice of the ‘bored’ me. He excused himself from whom he was chatting with and came to me.
“Dude, chill man, what are you doing standing alone. Get to talk to some girls here.. I don’t see a shortage!”
“I wish…” I replied with a sad face “There is a slight shortage of guts cheta 😦 ”
“Temme whom you want to talk to!” He urged
I thought he was trying to make fun of me. This 2 second thought was interrupted by the entry of that same gal I met at the gate. I smiled a bit and gave that shameless stare at her again.
Babu followed my eyes and spotted her. He grabbed me by my hand and went straight to her.
“Edo… thanikku ivane premikkan pattuo? (Can you love him?)” No intro… nothing! the question was blunt and straight…

Me: 😯
She: 😯
Babu: 😐


Meanwhile she took time to analyse me (as in my looks which apparently was far from good!)

“I don’t think I can decide to Love… but I don’t mind being a frien….” She broke the silence with this statement which I did not let her complete…
“That’s enough” I interrupted :mrgreen:
Babu: 🙄 He gave a stern look at me and left us there in disgust! Probably he felt I interrupted at the wrong time. But I couldn’t stand the thought of she saying a “NO” and leaving the scene!

I realized it was Now or Never! So I thought I must make good use of this situation. Lack of experience and nervousness was very clear on my face and my words. And I was talking to someone who looked pretty confident, which made it even worse for me…

“Why don’t you give me your number? I can give you a call sometime” I tried to talk…
“Do one thing, you give me your number. I will call you.. what say?” she turned the table around
“Alright.. It is… (I gave her my PG number) Your good name?” I sounded like attending a corporate meeting!
I could also see Babu noticing us from a distance. God he was taking extra efforts to ensure things go right for me!
“My name is R!” (Yeah it started with an R and I can’t spell the whole thing here for obvious reasons)

We dispersed… I had no hope she would call. We hung around the place for some more time, didn’t  miss to go to St.Therasas and finally returned back to PG.

A few days later as I returned back to PG from college, I found my friends standing at the gate expecting my return. I hardly stepped in when this guy by name Shane and Farooque (Of course you remember that smart rascal don’t you?) pulled me in to the room.

“Who is R?” Shane interrogated me
I had by then even lost thoughts of her and took some time to recollect the name
“Oh that female I met at Maharajas…. why what happened?” I enquired
“You MET at Maharajas? Nothing more than that? Come on don’t lie… No girl whom you have just MET will call you!” Farooque sounded excited and suspicious…

What?! She called? And I wasn’t there??? 👿 😯 :mrgreen:

“She called?” I stood up “When? How? I mean what did she say?” And for no real reason I walked towards the phone. Shane and Farooque stared at each other wondering what I was doing. Realising that there was nothing I could do being near the phone, I returned…

“Yeah she called. She asked for you. I told you were not around. I tried to continue the conversation and she cut me off!” Farooque frowned and I smiled… 😀
Miracles were happening. A girl calls ME! She cuts off Farooque!

I spent rest of the day regretting attending the college that day!

A couple of days later, one Sunday, as I sat at the hall munching something, the phone bell rung. I have been attending every single call coming for past few days and none of them were good news for me. But I had not given up hope and I attended this again.

“Hello? Can I speak to Sujith?” The sweet voice from the other end checked
I didn’t utter a word for a few minutes out of excitement. My throat dried up.
“Yeah hi.. it’s me… How are you?” I finally managed to spit a few words
“I’m fine. You?” Regular reply
“Good. Infact had been expecting your call for past few days. My friends told you had called me…”
“Yeah wanted to check something with you”
“Temme…” I tried to hide my disappointment…
“What is the name of that guy who came long with you guys?” She asked
Now there were totally 9 of us. Who is she asking about? More importantly, is this why she called me?
“Which guy?
“The guy who owned a Yamaha 350….?”
Wow… What all do girls take note of?
“You mean Prince?”
“His name is Prince? That short guy, clean shaven…?”
Huh! Anything more??
“Yeah his name is Prince… Why?”
“My friend liked him. Can you pass on that message to him?”
While I was glad that it was her friend and not her, I was also irritated that she called me to be a messenger here!
“Yeah will pass on… So what else is happening?” I tried to change the plate
“Thanks. Ok have to go now… will talk later!” She cut it off without even waiting for my bye!

I wished she hadn’t called. I wished I were dead!

A few days later, she called again and by the time I had already lost interest. Nevertheless, I spoke to her. But this time, she called to talk to me… Our conversation only got interesting after we knew that we both are from the same village… I remember we used to talk for hours on phone.

The very next Feb 14th was when that weird idea creeped into my mind. I felt I must get her a card. I spent half a day at Archies and finally picked one. It read “You are my target!” it read. And now it was about getting a custom dialogue written, one of the many things which I was always bad at. I sought the help of a friend of mine and he came up with something that I haven’t forgotten yet!

“Maharajasinte idinju polinju kidakkunna mathilinu samaanamaaya ente manasinte punanirmanathinulla fundaanu nee!!!”

Translation – “You are the fund to repair my heart that resembles the cracked walls of Maharajas College!”

I stood there at the Maharajas bus stop and finally got to meet her.
“I wanna give this card to you” I said extending the card to her
“No. If you can come inside the college campus probably I will think of taking it from you” She insisted
What if she gets folks to beat me up inside the campus? Or what if she gets her friends to come and tease me up? All crazy thoughts found their way into my brains and I insisted “No you take it here”
Finally she went inside the campus without taking it from me. A dejected me returned back to PG and I tore the card off!

A few days of silence and we started talking again. Somehow this wierd meeting was turning out into a good friendship. Nearly a week later, I was invited for lunch where I met her parents. They were all so nice people. The very next month, I was in my village and so was she. So I tagged along a friend of mine to her house where we met her cousins and grandma.

The provided us tea in a fibre cup. For some reason my friend looked reluctant to drink it and instead observed what Im doing. I took the cup and touched my upper lip on the hot tea and figured out it was too hot to gulp. Misunderstanding the gesture, my friend gulped it. I could see fire coming out of his eyes but amidst all the chats that were happening with her and her grandma, I kindda got distracted from this..

Once we stepped out of the house, he told me about this incident we laughed about it. We still laugh about it!

It was only a year or 2 later that we got to know that we (R and me) are distant relatives and that her uncle was a close friend of my dad when hey were in Gulf. This is one friendship that came as a surprise and has lasted pretty long 🙂

Signing Off…

Indian Cricket needs a break

November 10, 2009

BCCI_logo_svgI guess time has come for the Indian Cricket Players as well as the administrative staffs to take a few weeks, if not months, holidays. They certainly are tired of performing.

Firstly, the selection team without Vengsarkar and co seems to be doing a terrible job. Srikanth has traditionally been a man of strong words and action… somehow the fire is missing in the way he is currently carrying out his job. No risks taken, no introduction of some fresh talents and just rotating the existing 20-25 players around trying to get the combination right. It’s been terrible last few months for Indian Cricket, inconsistent performance that has lead to the downfall, with only more to follow. As a first step, I strongly feel that the 5 wise men need to get their act together. They need to motivate some budding domestic cricketers and pump them into the international arena and give some high level exposure. It may or may not succeed. But I still feel it’s worth a try. It’s sad that after 20 years of Cricket, the team still sit safe on Tendulkar’s tiring old shoulders.

Secondly, Dhoni should stop ACTING cool. Yes he has the pressure to perform and at the same time live up to the tag Captain Cool. But off late, it has kind of become very apparent that he is not cool but just acting cool. His field placements are faltering. His ability to think on the feet has taken some beating. He is going clueless on the bowling changes and all of these are very visible on the field and finally on the results. I remember Younis Khan once mentioning that Dhoni’s captaincy will come into test once the luck factor isolates him. I guess he was absolutely true. Now that Dhoni is not winning many tosses, his players are in bad form, it’s the time for him to stand up and show what he’s made of.

Lalit Modi should be asked to step out of Indian Cricket arena forever. This is because he did a criminal mistake of injecting the taste of money into the blood of budding cricketers, so much so that they now play for money than for country. He created a monster called IPL that has eaten up the hearts of all budding cricketers. While the standard of living of these cricketers have improved big time, the quality of cricket they play has come down drastically. Time is not far before we see that we find it difficult to find 11 men fit to play 5 day cricket. I guess Modi has to own the responsibility of pushing Indian cricket to this sad state. I guess the ICL from Zee and Kapil Dev was made with better intend and would have given better results had the BCCI allowed him to stay on.

Talking about BCCI, I consider them as the biggest terror infrastructure in India! It’s high time these political rogues are shown the exit door and a few sensible people with good intend are brought in for the good. The moment the people running the show gets money minded, it flows down from top to bottom and gets into the nerves of all the employees of the terror organization – BCCI.

Overall, I feel the entire Cricketing domain in India requires a complete revamp – The people need to change, the infrastructure has to improve, players have to be brought up with care and should be injected the right thoughts and so on. The domestic circuit has to improve big time and if these basics are not taken care of, god save Indian Cricket!

Signing Off…